·         IT’s all about you:

Just Clear understands that the most important thing when support your IT systems is your business. We will provide you with the tools you require to take your business to the next level, or maintain your current set up. Wherever you want your business to go, we can help you get there, and stay there.

·         Competitive pricing:

Receive a professional, high level of service at very competitive prices.   

·         Unparalleled Response Times:

We boast some of the fastest response times in Hampshire, which is good news for your business in the event of an emergency.  

·         We take the Drama out of IT:

Sorry, your IT system will no longer be exciting and unpredictable! By proactively monitoring your systems we can predict and prevent events which may jeopardise your business continuity.

·         Professional support:

It’s the service that sets Just Clear apart from its competitors. You will be shocked at how professional our engineers are, and pleasantly surprised when your systems continue to deliver without a hitch, or any unseen underlying issues.

·         Specialisation of Business support:

By specialising in one area, businesses, we are able to provide you with the most efficient, responsive and experienced service possible.

·         You don’t compete for our time:

Your business won’t be overlooked in favour of another client. All of our customers are important whether they are a new business, or an SME with 200 staff. After all, your needs are our needs!

·         Qualified and Experienced:

Unlike some support companies that fast track employees through training to attain professional qualifications, we demand high qualifications and experience as well from our engineers. A highly qualified individual with little experience is likely to be overconfident and therefore a risk to your business. Highly experienced people with low qualifications are also a hazard since they are potentially very experienced at not supporting you correctly!

·         Six Monthly IT assessments:

Getting feedback from your systems is a great way for us to align your IT systems with your business and for you to see what a great job we are doing!

·         Easily attainable expert advice:

Expert advice is only a telephone call or an email away and our engineers are more than happy to help.  

·         Dedicated engineer:

You may have been provided a dedicated engineer before, but only once you complained to your provider that you were re-explaining your situation time and time again and no progress seemed to be made on each visit. We will provide you with a dedicated engineer from the start. Why learn from your own mistakes when other people have made them for you?

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