Server Support

What does it do? : Your dedicated Just Clear engineer will install, maintain, monitor, troubleshoot, update, upgrade, optimise your physical server or it’s contents…and more!

Why buy it? : Because your business is depends on the reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Would you like to maximize productivity while minimizing IT costs?
Would you like your business to benefit from a typical IT set up, but you cannot afford to employ an IT department to deal with the myriad tasks involved in upkeep?

We thought so. This is why we offer server support; if you are thinking about upgrading your hardware then we can advise on the best configuration for your businesses needs. If you are spending more time troubleshooting your computers than running your business then we can take care of the routine preventative maintenance for you. If all your business data is stored on your PC’s then we can also provide regular data backups to keep your business safe from virus attacks, accidental damage etc

If a computer network is the backbone of your business, then the server is the heart, brain and lungs. Our qualified engineers can advise, install, update, troubleshoot, backup, migrate, clean and optimise your server along with the software that runs on it.
This is proven to reduce IT costs, minimise downtime and, along with our Preventative Maintenance Plan, massively improve the integrity and longevity of your network infrastructure.
Contact us now to arrange an appointment with one of our engineers to discuss what we can do for you and your business.

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