How your monthly fee is worked out

Desktops 2000/XP – Desktop support can often be provided over the phone or remotely, therefore should there be a problem the solution is only an e-mail or a phone call away. Our engineers will be on hand to assist. The benefit of using this service is that further errors are reduced by calling a qualified professional.

Desktops 95/98/ME – This service includes the same benefits as before, but because these operating systems have been outdated by Microsoft it means that updates and compatible software is difficult to get hold of.

Number of Servers – Servers are very expensive pieces of hardware, often costing more than all the desktops in a small company put together! Because of this it should be very important to your company that any maintenance or software installations to these devices are carried out by a certified professional. As well as the onsite work required, your dedicated engineer will also carry out remote monitoring of your server as well as routine data backups which we ensure are carried out regularly and successfully.

Number of Offices – We take pride in the fact that we provide service to local businesses. Doing this means that we can get to you within an hour or so of your call as opposed to the same day or sometimes week that more established support companies offer. Each site will consist of different personnel and hardware, so each office also requires the same dedicated service, even though it may be the same company.

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