Desktop Support

What does it do? : Our qualified engineers will maintain and troubleshoot all of the Desktops in your network.
Why buy it? : Because desktops still need regular maintenance and protection from viruses and malware. Even if your server is in pristine condition, it is essential that your desktops are healthy in order to optimise your networks performance.

Desktop computers are used everyday in business. If you are reading this then you probably use them within your business, in which case you will be quite able to list off two or three occasions when the computer at your desk just wouldn’t do what you wanted it to, or maybe wouldn’t do anything at all!
In that case, we do not need to explain why we will supply desktop support to your business.
Whether you are a pay as you go customer or have a monthly contract with us, desktop support comes as standard because we understand how much less frustrating it is to be able to work without those annoying PC niggles.

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