We can upgrade your hardware for you as well as recommend the best choice for your business needs. Our qualified engineers are also able to migrate your data to the new system.

The effect of age on computer hardware is unavoidable. With constant electrical currents, heat, and delicate mechanical components your network’s performance will gradually diminish. The symptoms are easy to recognise. When there is a noticeable slowing of applications and errors occur at seemingly irregular times then you may need to upgrade your hardware. You would immediately notice an improvement in the speed and integrity of data in your computer system. As well as increase the efficiency of your systems and staff, upgrading also reduces the possibility of catastrophic failure which could render your data unrecoverable.

Computer equipment is generally regarded as old after three years, and retireable after five. Not only do older computer systems run the risk of failure, but the components can be harder to source and support the older they get. This could result in a large cost to your business as time is spent trying to acquire unused, working, out of date equipment.

Our company has a broad range of experience with different business networks and how they are adapted to suit the needs of various methods of work. Having decades of experience between them, our engineers are able to offer sound advice on what devices are most important to update, and which upgrades are available to a particular budget.

  • Reduce the risk to your business of catastrophic failure
  • Increase network efficiency and productivity
  • Improved data integrity means reliable information 
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