Just Clear include software installation as part of our monthly support package. Software can range from small applications such as word processors and spreadsheets, to server operating systems and security software.

It is important that your business’s software installation be planned and performed by a trained professional. Although as home users we are perfectly capable of installing software, in a business environment it is essential that software be tested before and after deployment to prevent inconvenience to your business. New software can often affect how other programs perform, and so testing by a professional is essential. Software may also require installation in a particular order to avoid possible conflicts taking place between applications. Our engineers recognise these situations.

“New software can often affect how other programs perform, and so testing by a professional is essential…”

The installation procedure does not end once the software is downloaded to the network, many business essential software packages including firewalls, antivirus, email systems and authentication software require meticulous configuration.

Our engineers have years of experience in deploying and configuring all kinds of software. Their level of experience also makes tham ideal candidates for recommending software for particular tasks, as always tailoring them to the needs of your business.    

  • Software can be recommended to best suit the needs of your business
  • We will help you plan for installations large and small, including what, when and how the software is deployed to minimise the impact that it has on the day to day running of your business   
  • Configurations are handled by qualified professionals so that your business performance is enhanced by new software
  • Software is tested after installation to check for conflicts with other business dependant applications


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