If your businesses computer network uses servers, then your business relies on the performance of your servers. Your business relies on the quality of support that your servers get.

Just Clear are Server support specialists and have years of experience working with various server setups, from large corporations to small companies with a few PC’s. We can recommend a server that is right for you, install it, configure it for your business needs and provide ongoing support. We appreciate the need for extensive monitoring both remotely and on site, to recognise potential issues and solve them before they become apparent. 

“We can recommend a server that is right for you…and provide ongoing support” 

Our engineers are fully qualified to optimise your servers, so that your business benefits;

  • Data backups to protect your data
  • Secured access to prevent interception
  • Website blocking to improve productivity
  • Email control
  • Data encryption for improved security
  • Installations and upgrades planned to avoid interfering with the day to day running of your business
  • Antivirus to safeguard your systems from malicious acts
  • Ongoing support protects your business and prolongs your server’s lifespan     
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