Just Clear will offer you more than solutions to your Network problems; We will soothe the stresses and strains that come with maintaining a successful business. Request your support whichever way best suits you; email us, phone us, text your dedicated engineer or chat to us online, there will always be someone here to answer your call. As soon as you have spoken with us you can relax in the knowledge that we are dealing with your request. With years of experience we understand how important your information systems are to the continuing success of your business so will be ready to help when you need it.

Fast Response… Just Clear supports businesses local to the Portsmouth area, so assistance is a matter of minutes away as opposed to hours, or even days.  

No Jargon… We are IT experts so that you don’t have to be. When you contact us we will speak to you in plain English, although most of the time all you will here from us is “it’s fixed!”

Capped Prices, No Hidden Costs… Our Monthly Contract customers benefit from being able to spread the cost of their IT support over the months. What could be easier than knowing how much your support will cost before it has even begun? This means that you can budget for your support and the hassle of itemised billing is gone.

We’re There, While We’re Here… Remote assistance allows us to fix your computer from our office. This is nothing new in terms of the technology, but many of our customers experiencing it for the first time are overwhelmed at how painless, quick and effective it is at getting to the source of your problem.  

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